START is our incubation and restructuring strategy where we partner with leading entrepreneurs and operators to build strong businesses. We typically enter at the ground floor and take a hands-on approach. We look at new ideas and restructuring through the same lens. We partner with high integrity entrepreneur with track records of successful execution. On this thesis , we invest sweat equity first and some cash and will usually bring in outside capital. 



Traction is our early stage strategy where invest at the point that distribution becomes clear, typically as product market fit is being found. We focus on advising at this stage. We partner with passionate teams in large addressable markets, and get involved once there is validated distribution or in re-launch situations with new distribution.  



Scale is our growth thesis. We invest at the point of sustainability where our capital provides the capital required to scale. We believe in sustainable growth regardless of the source and often help with both organic growth and growth through acquisitions. We typically add value here with our global business development network and our scalable marketing capabilities.  



CoSyn is our co-investment syndication platform. T+S typically invests more in each opportunity than its captive platform allow and scales through CoSyn.