T+S is an investment holding company. T+S incubates, advises and invests in transformative companies. Our current focus is on three segments: Crypto-currency, TMT (Technology, Media Telecom), and on Chinese investments. We add value by helping bridge communities leading to business development and marketing opportunities.

Three Key Sectors 

We build companies transforming their industries.

  • Technology, Media & Telecom (TMT). We have deep experience in the technology industry and leverage our network to create opportunities. We have built business in AdTech, publishing, ecommerce, social media, mobile apps and telecom.

  • Crypto-currency is transforming financial services. We are in the inner circle of the industry and are building core infrastructure for the community, along with value added services. We also design token economies.

  • China.  We build bridges between the US and global markets, mainly China. 

Traction + Scale incorporates its proprietary E+V Methodology to help companies grow. 

E+V stands for Ecosystem + Value-add.

The T&S platform helps companies grow throughout their lifecycle with the support, capital and value added services. This allows our companies to leverage our operational expertise.

Ecosystem: We actively connect our companies together and build communities in the our main industries, creating business development opportunities and a thriving ecosystem. We typically are hands-on with our portfolio companies. 

Value-add: We add active value helping companies with product design and distribution.  Our team has founded and funded companies across the private, public and crypto markets. We are very well networked. 


  • We back transformational vs. incremental innovation

  • We invest at critical inflection points vs. traditional rounds

  • We have a flexible approach combining preferred equity, secondary, tokens & debt

  • We back sustainable growth vs. growth at all costs

  • We add active value with expertise in product design & distribution

  • We build ecosystems, creating deal flow

  • We invest for the long-term, with a focus on cash flow and enterprise value creation