T+S is a stage-agnostic investment firm investing in transformative businesses that make people's lives easier. T+S enters at key inflection points in primarily the private markets, focused around gaining Traction and building Scale.

Thematic Focus on EASE

We invest in companies transforming their industries by making people's lives EASIER.

  • Simple product design and user experience results in high customer satisfaction. Product design and connected technologies are transforming all traditional industries.

  • Smart Data creates personalized experiences, leading to high retention.

  • Engaged Communities around products achieves network effects,  creating barriers to entry.

Traction + Scale incorporates its proprietary E+V Methodology to help companies grow. 

E+V stands for Ecosystem + Value-add.

The T&S platform helps companies grow throughout their lifecycle with the support, capital and value add from our platform. This allows us to leverage operational expertise as businesses evolve.

Ecosystem: We actively network  our companies together as well as with prospects and large companies, creating business development opportunities and a thriving ecosystem. We do this through our Residency Network of operating executives that actively provide our portfolio with hands-on support.

Value-add: We add active value helping companies with product design and distribution.  Our team has founded and funded over 30 startups in both the public and private markets and is very well networked. 


  • We back transformational vs. incremental innovation

  • We invest at critical inflection points vs. traditional rounds 

  • We have a flexible approach combining preferred equity, secondary & debt

  • We back sustainable growth vs. growth at all costs

  • We add active value with expertise in distribution product design

  • We build ecosystems in areas we want to invest, creating deal flow

  • We invest for the long-term, with a focus on cash flow potential