Investment Strategies


Traction is our early stage investment strategy where invest at the point that distribution becomes clear, typically as product market fit is being found. Partnering with passionate teams in large addressable markets, we typically invest once there is validated distribution or in re-launch situations with new distribution. We actively help companies on product design and distribution strategies to scale. 

These investments typically look like seed, seed+ or Series A investments and typically are smaller investments.  


Scale is our growth thesis. We invest at the point of sustainability where our capital provides the capital required to scale and create sustainability. We invest in companies where we can provide the capital to scale through organic growth and consolidation. We typically add value here with our global business development network and our scalable marketing capabilities. 

We structure investments in deep value transformational opportunities. These investments are inflection point driven vs. a traditional round and we look to be the primary capital partner from the point of Scale going forward. 



CoSyn is our syndication platform. T+S typically invests more in each opportunity than its captive funds allow and scales through the CoSyn as our Syndication Platform, investing on alongside the T+S fund.